Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Spring Flowers

This is what spring is starting to look like around here:

I transplanted these daffs from another location last year. This year, they've popped up very nicely. In years to come they'll fill in and be gorgeous!
A close-up of the daffodils - jonquilles in French.
These are pink hyacinth.
And these are primroses that grow wild in the yard - primevères in French.
More hyacinths, this time white ones.
A forsythia in the yard, with the back of the house in the background.


  1. What a difference a week makes! The yard is looking lovely.

  2. What lovely photos!
    You're not just a pretty face.

  3. Hate to be a stickler, but in French it's spelled "jonquille."

    However, the word "jonquil" exists in English and refers to the European daffodil! I just found that in the dictionary when I was double-checking the French spelling. Bloggers really do learn something new -- about every hour!


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