Sunday, March 05, 2006

Thinking of Spring

Yesterday's snow made me feel pangs for spring. The snow is melting now, and that's good, but I still long for the warmer temperatures and flowers of spring. Here's an image of a warmer time. It's from Vouvray, when we were there on vacation in June of 2001.

Thanks to all of you who've mapped yourselves! I really appreciate your having made the effort. Most recently, Barbara Moss in Chicago, Tom and Harriet in Sidney, Mimi in Boston, and Franck in Lille, mille mercis. Remember, to see the photos of those of you who have mapped yourselves, click on "wcs blog" on the top part of the map itself. Frappr will take you there. Enjoy!


  1. Love that iris photo, Walt. We pass a lone white iris in bloom when we walk Maybelle. It's not the season for iris here, but I'm not telling that to the one we pass.

    I've really enjoyed your Paris walks and will try and do a couple in May.

  2. Evelyn,

    Thanks! Send a photo of the white iris if you can. That would be cool if you did one of those walks - I'd be interested in your thoughts after.

  3. evelyn,
    Maybelle is a totally cool name for a dog (am assuming it's a dog). What kind? Have fun in France in May!

  4. Walt- Maybe you can help me convince Lewis that Paris is for walking... he likes the metro too much. I will do one of your walks on May 1st since it's a holiday.

    Cheryl, Maybelle is an apricot minature poodle. She was born on May 1, 1994.

    Her Mom, Lucille Snowball lived with Maybelle all of her life. That is until Lucy's sudden death this past Fall. As you can probably guess, Lucy was white. We bred her to a guy named Freckles who was a red poodle.

    Little Lucy had five pups. Maybelle caused her the most trouble since she was breech. Luckily my DH is a doc and had some forceps to save the day.


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