Friday, March 10, 2006

Photo du Jour : Gîte in Vouvray

In 2000, and again in 2001, we rented a small gîte rural (vacation rental) in Vouvray, just outside of Tours. The house was on the edge of a vineyard where they grow the chenin blanc for their famous dry white wine. We had good weather both times and were able to throw all the windows and doors open to take advantage. It was quite pleasant.

When we tried to rent it a third time, in 2002, and found it was no longer available. We've been by since and noticed that the house has been renovated and seems to be lived in permanently.

Tonight is dinner for 6 at our house. On the menu: sparkling Vouvray aperitifs, thinly sliced black radish with mimolette cheese, vinaigratte and chervil, coq-au-vin with boiled potatoes, green salad, cheeses, and a dessert (being brought by one of our guests). I'm hungry already.

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