Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Our friends Candy & John arrived today from California. We have a full house: Sue, Cheryl, Candy & John (although C&J are staying in a nearby gîte).

We celebrated with a magnum of Ruinart. Boy, was it good. There are only five glasses because one of us (no names, please) doesn't drink. It's not me...

After apéros of salmon spread on baguettes and peanutty-snacks, we sat down to a dinner of roasted duck legs, white beans, and a purée of cauliflower followed by green salad and cheese.


  1. Someone you know doesn't drink? Well, saints be praised!

    You guys must be having so much fun! Say hi to Candy for me. Cheryl, John, and Sue, too!

    Hey, the Enron guys got convicted--that was my day brightener until I saw your blog.

  2. Ginny,

    Will do! We certainly wish you and Mitch could be here to join in the fun.

    How about those Enron boyz, eh?


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