Saturday, May 20, 2006


Back in the Touraine, we are still taking day trips with our California friends. Wednesday we ventured to the historic town of Loches. It's a good sized town, with a market on Wednesday (one reason for going - we picked up some asparagus and strawberries), and a historic medieval city on the bluff in the center that overlooks a great, green valley.

Clothes drying from a window in town.

Geraniums in a window.

Stained glass in the renaissance Logis Royal.

After walking around in the marketplace, we drove up to the cité médiéval for a quick look before lunch. We found a pizzeria and enjoyed lunch, then hiked back up to the cité and went into the renaissance château first, then over to the medieval castle. More pictures to follow.

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  1. Merci, Walt, pour ces 2 commentaires sur Loches dont j'ai beaucoup aimé la visite sous la houlette de Ken, et en compagnie de nos chers Alabamians :-)

    Comme tu le dis, la visite est très intéressante et les vues du haut de la tour sont superbes ! J'ai appris tout plein de choses grâce au commentaire audio dans la salle des Gardes ! Très chouette, cet endroit qui nous fait mieux comprendre comment vivaient nos ancêtres ! Bises. Marie (Normandie, France)


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