Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Home Away From Home

I should probably start out by noting that Ken will be posting his thoughts and pictures from the Dordogne trip on his blog, so there may be some repetition. We find that we often take pictures of the same things, but with a slightly different perspective.

The front door (with curtains) and the two bedroom windows (upstairs).

We rented a vacation house (gîte) in a small hamlet up on a hill near Vézac, about 4 km south of Sarlat. It had 2 bedrooms, a bath, a large kitchen and a living room. All the modcons, of course, including a tv and dishwasher. We used the former, but not the latter.

Above, the kitchen seen from the living room. Below, the wood stove in the living room.
There was a Godin wood-burning stove which we used to take the chill off in the evenings. The house's stone walls were 1-meter thick, and the inside was much colder than the air outside.

The beds were very comfortable, but the living room chairs were not. Still, it was a nice place and the owner, Guillaume, was terrific - he chopped some wood for us to burn in the stove and didn't charge extra for it. He also put a big basket of walnuts on the kitchen table for us to enjoy, and they were very yummy. The primary food products of this region are: walnuts, goat cheese, and goose liver.

A potted plant on the wall outside the kitchen.

Guillaume also asked us to promote his house, so if you're looking for a nice place in the Dordogne that's centrally located to the sights, I'll gladly share the details with you!

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  1. Nice photos! Cannot wait to see and hear more about your trip.

    Glad you are enjoying your new camera.


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