Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kitchen Collection [17]

I haven't counted, but I'm sure that Ken and I have at least fifteen cutting boards around the house. Some are made from wood, some are plastic, and we even have some glass ones. Some have little feet on them, most don't. A couple have handles, or holes, and some are simply rectangular.

Many are small, a couple are the size of a slice of American bread, but a few of them are quite large. Our current favorites include a large white plastic board that stays out on the counter for most cutting jobs. We got it in Paris last year. Another favorite is a smaller black plastic board with a handle. The black plastic doesn't pick up any colors (like orange from carrots) when we use it.

Another favorite is a board that our friend Sue made from various kinds of wood ; it's pictured here. We used it a lot (she doesn't use her own, she says it's too pretty to use) and now it hangs on the kitchen wall. We still use it to serve and slice our home-made pizzas, but that's about it. It shows its years of use : knife marks, stains, and all. But it's cool because our friend made it.

Thanks to Cheryl for this week's idea !


  1. Do you have one of those Japanese bamboo cutting boards? I always covet them at the kitchen supply store but I don't know anyone that has one. Opinion?

  2. Jayne, no we don't. I'll have to look the next time we're in Paris.

  3. will you believe this? I don't even own ONE! Sometimes, on a Sunday, I think I should get one, but by Monday, I have forgotten. And unlike you guys, I don't cook much!


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