Saturday, April 14, 2007

Salt Point, California

Obviously not France. Back in 1996, when we lived in San Francisco, Ken, Collette, and I went camping with our friend Sue (the one who made the cutting board) up at Salt Point State Park on the northern California Coast. Those of you who know northern California know that it is often quite foggy along the coast, and the weather during our July camping trip was a bit damp.

Ken and Collette enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean on the Sonoma coast. That's one happy dog ! Normally her ears pointed straight up - this is her famous Yoda pose. Bark at you, I will.

Still, we had a great time climbing around on the rocks along the coast. Salt Point is in northern Sonoma County. There are a few wineries just over the hills and many more in the Alexander and Dry Creek valleys, beyond the reach of the fog. There's a historic Russian settlement at Fort Ross. And there is an amazing little chapel on the side of the road near Sea Ranch.

The Sea Ranch Chapel.

We spent time visiting each of these sights and enjoying the contrast between the foggy coast and the hot, sunny inland weather. Cookouts were de rigueur at the campsite. We had plenty of wine and food and dry wood for campfires.

Seals relaxing on the rocks just off shore.

Sue had dyed her hair blue just for fun that week. Not little old lady blue. Blue as in blueberries. It's Sue's favorite color. When we arrived at the campground, we asked the park ranger if our friend had arrived yet. She had a little trouble finding Sue on the list, so we said, "She has blue hair." "Oh yeah," said the ranger, "she's here ! Site number 125 !"

A kind of lily grows among the rocks at the beach.


  1. If Collette looks like Yoda in that picture, I look like Jabba the Hut (is that how you spell that?). Nice pair we made.

  2. I suppose I've never mentioned that not only do we have living in the Loire Valley in common (or having lived there,) but also the Bay Area. I did my studies there from 1977-1981 and my aunt and uncle lived in the Mission District in SF. I went up for many a weekend...and did part of my senior year abroad in Tours in 1980!


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