Saturday, April 28, 2007

Le Cotentin

We arrived at the west coast of the Cotentin peninsula near Barneville-Carteret and drove north to the end. There is a lighthouse there, on the Cap de la Hague, which I believe is the subject of some famous photographs. Since I don't have those, mine will have to do.

The lighthouse at Cap de la Hague in calm seas, looking across the channel toward Dorset, England.

As I said previously, we went on to Cherbourg where we found a hotel and a small restaurant on the old port. We were pretty much the only customers that night and I can't remember what we ate.

Land meets sea at the bay of Ecalgrain. Someone had painted skulls and crosses on the bollards.

The next morning we retraced our steps along the coast to the lighthouse and drove down the west coast of the peninsula all the way south to the Bay of Mont-St.-Michel, stopping to take in the views and snap pictures. The sky was overcast and the muted colors of the land and water made for some dark pictures.

A tiny fishing boat in the bay of Ecalgrain.

Every now and then the sky brightened up as the clouds thinned, but the sun never really came out that day.

A close-up of the fishing boat.

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  1. I remember that dinner in Cherbourg but I don't remember the hotel. The dinner was served by two older women who seemed great-grandmotherly to me. The food I remember having was some kind of braised chicken with I thought had been reheated numerous times, over numerous evenings, before finally being served. It wasn't good at all. It was so bad I was worried about getting sick from it but I didn't. It was one of those too-real experiences...


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