Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kitchen Collection [18]

The lowly trivet doesn't get much respect. It just sits around under stuff, out of view, taking a lot of heat, and not complaining a bit.

I haven't counted, but we have trivets all over the house. We use them in the kitchen, of course, but also under our houseplants. They're wooden, glass, plastic, and ceramic tile. We even have a cast iron trivet that Ken picked up last year in Collonges-la-Rouge.

The trivet pictured here was a gift from our friend Sue. She made it from corks that we gave her. She had asked us to save our used corks so she could have them for crafts - one year she made cork wreaths for the holidays. She kept out some of the corks with interesting things printed on them and put them into a wood frame that she also made. Sue's pretty talented !

This trivet hangs on the wall in our kitchen, right above the cutting board that she made for us.


  1. i think this is very nifty. your friend sue is very talented. one of these days i might have to give it go and try to make my own. better start saving les bouchons now. of course mine will be completely corsican. vive la corse! ;)

  2. cara, thanks for stopping by. Good luck with the corks !


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