Monday, April 09, 2007

Trip Over

I think we spent one night in Paris before heading back to the airport and San Francisco. Ken had reserved a room at the Hôtel du Quai Voltaire in the 7th arrondissement. We asked for, and got, a room on the street side which faces the Seine and the Louvre at the Pont du Carrousel.

Our twin room overlooking the Seine and the Louvre. Check out the brass beds !

The place was charming, as these photos attest - I think it's been renovated since. But it was very comfortable even if the bathroom was a bit funky. And the view could not be beat. Not to mention the Bateaux Mouches going by every few minutes. A lot of atmosphere.

Another view out the window of our little hotel room.

We checked out and got ourselves to the airport for the eleven hour flight back home. We had a great week driving around on our first France road trip together. There would be many more. In 1991 we drove to Champagne and to Rouen. In 1992 we drove along the coasts of Normandy and Brittany. In 1993 we rented a gîte rural in the Luberon and spent a couple weeks doing the Provence thing. In 1995 we rented another gîte in the Lot valley and spent some time there.

That doesn't count all the times we just stayed in Paris, or the two Loire Valley trips we took in the years just prior to moving here. Maybe I''ll get it together to scan the slides from those trips and post some of them here. One of these days.


  1. Certainly a charming view, but wasn't it very noisy, with all the cars driving along the left bank?

  2. Claude, I don't remember it being particularly noisy. I'll bet they have double glazed windows now, too.

    At the time, we lived on a very noisy street in San Francisco, probably more noisy than the quais de la rive gauche...

  3. It's been interesting. BTW, how does one scan slides? I thought they would have to be turned into photos first...

  4. I think our room was on an upper floor and I don't remember noise being a problem. We didn't stay long, though -- maybe two nights? It's hard to remember. I also remember so nice pictures at sunrise from the window at the Hôtel du Quai Voltaire. Where are those?

  5. Betty, my scanner has a slide attachment that lets me put in four slides at a time to scan. It's an inexpensive cannon scanner that we got here.

    Ken, don't know, maybe they're in the slide box...


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