Saturday, June 23, 2007

Callie's New Toys

These are the latest additions to Callie's collection of playthings. She collects them from everywhere.

Clockwise from top : the Green Apple/Ball, the Gnarly Grape Vine, and the Bit of Slate.

First is the Green Apple/Ball that fell from one of the trees out back. These premature apples look, apparently, like little tennis balls and she brings a fresh one into the house almost every day. And there is an endless supply of them. Our challenge is to find them before they end up rotting under some piece of furniture.

Next up is a wine-country variation on the Piece of Wood toy : the Gnarly Grape Vine. Good for teething. It has a wonderful bouquet with hints of black cherry and roquefort.

And last, but certainly not least, is the Bit of Slate. The slate was part of the cap on our chimney that we had removed years ago and she found it in a rock pile. She chews on this, too. More evidence, I think, that we're in full teething mode.

The upside, I suppose, is that we don't have to spend precious euros on fancy store-bought chew toys.


  1. I'm surprised she hasn't managed to ruin one of your shoes yet LOL. Dogs do love leather. I'm amazed that Callie can chew slate, she's going to have some good teeth for bone gnawing one of these days.

    Please send us some of your rain, Alabama is parched right now.

  2. That grape vine looks like a decomposed bog person tibia. Creepy but very tasty, I imagine.

    I'm so sick of this rain I could spit. But that would be adding more moisture in my environment so I won't do that!

    I'm making Ken's chicken with fennel tomorrow. Bought all the fixins at the market today. I'll let you know if it turns out.

  3. evelyn, it's not for lack of trying. All shoes are now suspended in plastic bags up off the floor !

    jayne, good luck with the chicken - take some photos !


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