Saturday, June 16, 2007

Quick,While The Dog's Asleep...

... I can blog.

Yes, it's early Saturday morning and she's taking a brief nap. Time to slap a post together. So once again it's photos from the veggie garden. One of these days I'll start scanning more slides of France or actually leave the house and garden, but for now it's all domestic bliss.

The artichokes are about three times as big as when they went in.

We've had so much rain lately that I'm afraid the garden will wash away. But it seems to be doing well. Especially the mauvaises herbes (weeds). But they're not getting me down, at least not yet. And don't let the shadows in the pictures fool you. The sun was out for about five minutes when I took theses shots.

I had some trouble with older seeds not sprouting, so I've had to re-plant some stuff, but that's done and we should be under way again soon. What has come up is doing well, and the 'maters and the eggplant are already setting blossoms.

Yellow squash is coming along fine. I'll have to thin these out in a couple of weeks. The zucchini is at the same stage, as are the cucumbers.

There's also a second crop of rhubarb coming up. A few of the okra seeds sprouted, so we should have some of those this year. In between, where the seeds didn't sprout, I'll plant another crop of green beans. I keep reminding myself that it's still spring, and that we have all of summer yet to come.

A second round of rhubarb in the "herb" garden, along with the lavender whose flowers are turning that characteristic blue.

Now I need to go through my seed collection and throw away all the old stuff so I don't have to go through this again next year. Anybody got one of those, whaddya call it, round tuits ?


  1. A have a ton of round tuits that you can have.....

  2. Same here! When you are in the Tampa area, I will let you have at it.


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