Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kitchen Collection [25]

This started out to be about lazy susans, those round things that spin. For years I've had two tupperware susans that I use to hold spices. The rotating platters make it easy to store and find spices and dried herbs.

Our humble spice cabinet.

But my lack of patience for taking photos these past few weeks (read : dog) prevented me from getting the well-studied and properly lit close up I was aiming for. So we settle for a shot of the whole spice cabinet, with the two lazy susans at least visible if not exactly featured.

Most of these jars are older than the hills, remaining in service much longer than intended. Much like Bush's army, but with much more pleasant results. Sorry for the dose of politics ; I just thought I'd spice things up a bit. Ba-dum-pum.

We buy most of our spices in large quantities and transfer small amounts to the kitchen jars as needed - the rest is stored in the downstairs pantry.


  1. I wonder what a lazy susan is called in France? I love spice cabinets. Is the big jar with the red spice in it filled with paprika? Or is it cayenne? That'd be a LOT of cayenne.

    I love allt he colorful tops. I keep spice jars, too, and refill them as necessary. Many have crossed-out labels with the name of whatever replacement spice I put in there written on it. Inelegant, but it works!

  2. Hi Ginny... I was thinking that myself: "What is a lazy susan called in France?" Suzette paresseuse?

    W... you should consider that for an upcoming word of the week!

  3. How about un tourniquet or un plateau tournant.
    Had no idea that's what it was called until I saw the photo.

  4. We're pretty touchy about calling anything a lazy susan in our house. We prefer to call them round-abouts.


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