Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kitchen Collection [27]

I wasn't happy with any of the photos I took of this one, so rather than re-shoot, I messed with the pictures in photoshop to come up with this funky image.

It's a bottle caddy, a ubiquitous item here in wine country. This one is made from antiqued steel and has a wooden handle to carry six bottles. We use it all the time to lug empties down to the cellar and carry filled bottles up. It has its very own spot on the floor next to a china cabinet and is good looking as well as useful.

What's it called in French ? Un porte-bouteilles ? Maybe one of my French-speaking readers knows.


  1. I like your PhotoShop version, Walt! I think the milkman had something like this when I was very young and we had milk delivered to a metal box on our back porch. The milkman would carry the half gallon bottles in a caddy. Of course, the bottles weren't round, but you get the idea.

    It's so great that France has kept to the old ways, so reusing, refilling, recycling, and reconditioning are part of the way of life and not something that now has to be taught.

  2. ginny, thanks. I remember the milkman and the metal box, too. It's true about the recycling thing - we only have one small bag of garbage a week. The rest goes to recycling or into the compost heap. And we buy most of our wine in bulk and re-use our bottles.

  3. Yes, I would say un porte-bouteille. Not really sure though. There might be a more precise name. I like your photoshopped photo ;)


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