Thursday, June 28, 2007

What A Difference...

... a day makes. Tuesday morning we woke up to overcast skies and light rain. Much the same weather that we've been having for the past two months (with some exceptions).

Wednesday morning the sun was back and our spirits were lifted. Both of these photos are from the bedroom window looking west over the part of the yard and the vineyard beyond.

That little blueish-green thing in the center of the photos is a rain gauge. It's been getting a real workout since the beginning of May. These past two months have been the rainiest May and June in the four years we've lived here, and the wettest in France since the 1980's.

The sun didn't last. This morning is completely overcast and about 12C. Ugh.


  1. ugh is right. 12°c this morning on my balcony. I can hardly believe it!
    How pleasant to see photos of your garden ;)

  2. All of these pictures of the Touraine area look so neat and trimmed. I was struck by the difference between there and the South of France when I went back up to Chambray in May...


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