Monday, February 15, 2010

Isn't This Inviting?

Here's a gratuitous shot from one of our vacations in the early 2000's. It's the terrace of the house we rented in Vouvray, near Tours. This was one of two trips to the Loire Valley that convinced us that we wanted to live here.

French lawn furniture.

It was early June of 2001. I spent a lot of time sitting here watching the French Open on television. I remember that it was hot. I'm hoping for a hot summer this year. I'm ready for winter to end now.


  1. I can see myself heading for a chair right now !!

  2. Yes, lets head down to Key West with Will!
    Be warm!
    Bye the way, I am loving learning about my own back yard through your blog, good reading during these "crisp" days here!

  3. I recognized the table and chairs from the photo, without reading the blog. But something seems missing from the photo.... oh, yes, where's the bottle of wine and 3 glasses?

    Verification word: pardis could go many ways there: paris, parties, paradise.....

  4. Those chairs don't look like they'd be very comfortable after a few minutes, much less a couple of hours.

  5. Oh yes, I see myself there.

  6. jean, I'll save you one.

    anon, is that you, Tim?

    cheryl, the wine and glasses are in the house, of course!

    starman, you'd be surprised. The location makes up for so much!

    nadege, I'll save another one for you!


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