Friday, February 12, 2010

To Every Thing, Burn, Burn, Burn

Just in case you were wondering, this is what an egg carton looks like after a couple of minutes in our wood stove.

The carton is totally burned, this is the ash in the shape of the carton just before it collapsed.

The egg cartons we get from the supermarket are pressed cardboard, so they're burnable. We buy our eggs in cartons of ten, not twelve. It's just the way it's done here. Another way to buy eggs is from the poultry or cheese vendors at the Saturday market. Those eggs don't come in cartons; they're sold individually. Most people take their own cartons to the market and ask the vendor to fill them. And usually they're are the small, six egg sized cartons.

We've done that some, but the eggs at the market are usually a bit more expensive than the supermarket eggs. We easily go through ten eggs a week, either as ingredients in cooking or baking or just plain eating.


  1. This photo would make a great watercolour painting !!

    In the days when we had a milkman, when we were obliged to start measuring things in cm and kilos instead of inches and pounds, he had a great joke about a dozen metric eggs being ten. We didn't let him get away with it though !

  2. Looks like something out of a horror movie ... Great picture though! You really have an eye for these things.

  3. WOW!! NOw, that's a COOL photo! Have a great weekend, you two!

  4. You already know this.

    Nothing in the report about the cost of water, though.

  5. Why, would you just look at those pretty colors! Wow.

  6. Aren't you glad you cut all that wood in fall?

  7. We recently bought a six-pack of eggs. We still haven't used any of them.

  8. Very interesting photo. I like the colors when it's cold outside.

  9. jean, hmmmm, metric eggs!

    martine, thanks!

    leesa, you, too!

    bill, interesting. Water costs even more when you buy it in bottles...

    alewis, kind of psychedelic, eh?

    nadege, yes, I am. I'm hoping it gets us through this cold spell. We're getting to the bottom of the pile.

    starman, what will you do with them?

    suzanne, they help to warm us up!


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