Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter's Dying Days

Since we've passed the halfway point, that is the point in the year that is halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, the days are noticeably longer and winter's grip is loosening. I can see it in the budding out of trees and the poking up of bulbs. I can hear it in the tap-taps of woodpeckers and the songs of the morning birds. I can feel it when the sun shines on my back.

A recent sunrise in the vineyard.

The vineyard is filled with anticipation. The vines are nearly all pruned and the buds have formed. This year's ice and snow, more tenacious than in recent memory, are now melting away. Soon I'll be able to start working in the yard and garden to prepare for spring.


  1. Lucky you. I do hope your winter is behind you now.

    Ours drags on, with snow this morning and the threat of heavy snow next week. I sincerely hope they're wrong about that. We're desperate for spring here now.

    Great photo.

  2. I echo Jean's sentiments. We woke up this morning here in Aberdeen to yet another dusting of snow. I'm definitely not looking forward to the drive down to Hull for the ferry this weekend. But I am looking forward to 10 degrees in France

  3. Walt,
    Will it be noyce for us in late March?

  4. This is a beautiful picture - love the poplars in the background and the light dusting of snow.

  5. One of your best photos! And I envy you your early signs of spring because here it snows a little every day. It got above freezing yesterday and that felt warm.

  6. This looks like Florida, alas.

  7. It, heureusement, does not look like the southern part of Florida, but I will be glad when we get back to what I consider normal temperatures.

  8. I can't wait for the winter to pass

  9. jean, I know what you mean. It's certainly getting old this year.

    keir, I hope the forecasters are right!

    leon, hard to tell. March can be nice, and it can be crappy. It can also be both on alternating days.

    diogenes, thanks!

    carolyn, thanks! I know how you feel. Here's hoping for spring!

    michael, you must be exaggerating!

    starman, ur-spo is in Key West this week, and he has been disappointed in the weather.

    corvedacosta, amen!

  10. what a beautiful picture!!!

  11. massi, thank you! I appreciate your stopping by. :)

  12. Coming up on puddle-wonderful, are we? How splendid!


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