Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another Gasp

Winter may be dying, but it's a lingering death. No merciful coup de grâce for this season. Not this year. Saturday morning brought a heavy snow squall. But the temperatures are hovering above freezing and are expected to climb through the day. And the weather forecasters tell us that we should be seeing days above ten degrees (over fifty fahrenheit) through the coming week.

Not today, but earlier this week when we were at 7º below zero.

The photo above is of a small weed in the dirt road out in the vineyard. There was very little snow on the ground (and none on the road), but the overnight low of -7ºC caused a lot of ice crystals to form on the plants.


  1. What a great photograph. Winter, thought a pain in the @ss, can be beautiful. Looking forward to spring here (in New England).

    Nice blog btw.


  2. Cool! You'll remember that I'm quite fond of winter pics. Well, ALL pics. And I couldn't tell you the last time Portland was freezing.

  3. We still have piles of snow in DC. Piles. Of Snow.

  4. Well, it does make for some really nice pictures.

  5. It all is worthwhile, as it make spring so wonderful, yes?

  6. rick, thanks. We are definitely looking forward to spring!

    alewis, I could probably look it up on your blog...

    mark, I'm sure you do. And I'll be you'll be glad when they're all gone.

    starman, true!

    michael, I suppose you're right!


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