Monday, February 22, 2010

A Failed Experiment

I've been having a little trouble taking photos lately. I'm not happy with the results when I get the pictures uploaded to the computer. I think I know why, so I decided to do a little experiment.

Evergreen ivy on a tree, taken in macro mode with the lens hood on. Not as crisp an image as I'd like.

For about a year now I've been keeping the lens hood attached to the camera all the time. The hood is for use in high light conditions to avoid glare. It also acts as additional lens protection since the lens is always inside the hood, even when extended to full zoom mode. That's the primary reason I leave it on all the time.

The problem is that most of my low light photos and many of my regular light photos fail. It dawned on me that it might be the lens hood that's keeping the light out of my pictures in these normal conditions.

My experiment was this: I took a walk on Sunday evening with the lens hood on and took pictures, and on Monday morning's walk I removed the lens hood. I took a combination of long shots and macro shots on each walk.

I realized on my way back to the house this morning that I took a whole series of long shots while the camera was in macro mode. I forgot to turn the dial. D'oh! So I botched the experiment. I'll have to do it again.

Of course, it could just be that I need to use my tripod. But I'm hoping not.



    I hope your owners give you lots of extra treats and walks to celebrate. And an extra nice dinner. And lots of hugs.

    Love from Lulu xx

  2. Trois bougies pour Callie. Happy Birthday Callie :-)

  3. I love your work and appreciate you sharing it with us.

  4. Unless your lens hood is casting a shadow on the object being photographed (pretty much limited to extreme close ups), it will not reduce the light getting into the lens and should be left on all the time. The light the lens sees is being reflected off the subject. The hood is there to keep light coming from odd angles from hitting the lens, causing flare, and reducing contrast. Removing the hood will not change the amount of light the lens is receiving from the object you are photographing. Pros keep the hood on all the time, even indoors.

  5. Bonne anniversaire, Callie!

  6. Happy Birthday Callie! You can get away with a lot today. Push the envelope.

  7. I've discovered that as I get older, my pictures aren't as sharp as they once were. I don't think it's the camera.

  8. Happy Special Day to you Mademoiselle Callie!


  9. If I had taken that photo I would have been very happy with it !! The purple and pink colours look great together.

  10. hmmm, my french is leaving me. Make that Bon Anniversaire- I hope Callie didn't notice my mistake;-)

  11. lulu, Callie says Woof! (that's thanks in dog-speak)

    beaver, Callie says le Woof! (that's merci in frog-speak)

    larry, thanks!

    tom, yes, I know you are right about that. I suppose I was looking for some kind of easy answer. I just need to learn to recognize when there's just too little light.

    evelyn, Callie says Woof, y'all! (that's thanks in dog-southern)

    chaucer, Callie says Woof, but of course. (that's thanks in dog-highbrow)

    starman, very funny! But that's not the problem. I have glasses.

    judy, Callie says Woof, Ms. C! (that's thanks in dog-school)

    jean, this photo isn't too bad, but it would have been better with a tripod. I'm not showing you the worse ones. ;)

  12. Walt, it may mot have turned out the way you wanted it to, but the photo is lovely. The texture and colors are brilliant and dynamic.


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