Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Pretty Cold Morning

Tuesday's morning low was minus seven celsius, which is around twenty degrees farenheit. It's pretty cold for where we live, although certainly lower temperatures are not unheard of. I just don't want to hear about them.

Last summer's Queen Anne's Lace, frozen in the cold morning air.

The sun was coming up and there was absolutely no wind, so Callie and I had a pretty pleasant walk through the vineyard. We saw airliners cruising overhead leaving short contrails behind, heard the occasional woodpecker, and otherwise had a pretty normal walk.

I kept stopping to snap pictures and Callie had to wait for me to catch up. She's patient like that.


  1. Really beautiful picture.

  2. I can't remember the last time I heard a woodpecker.

  3. You find such beauty in what could be mundane... although I see the lovely in the crystal clear cold, I am thankful for the 60 degree & sunny Portland afternoon. The bulbs have poked their little heads up & the hydrangea have set bud... time to wake up the garden!

  4. jean, diogenes, judy, thanks!

    starman, no woodpeckers in Florida?

    stephen, our bulbs are beginning to make an appearance, too, but things seem to be happening later this year than last.


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