Monday, February 01, 2010

Views From The Donjon

Climbing up to the top of the donjon in Loches is a lot of fun. The building is essentially an empty shell, all the floors are missing inside the tower. But the walls are still standing and there's a modern metal staircase built inside that you can take up to the top. From bottom to top is 37 meters.

Looking north, the lower city on the left, the roofs of St.-Ours in the medieval city on the right.

From the top you get terrific views of the river valley and the forest of Loches just outside of town. You also see the whole of the medieval town with the "modern" city hugging the ramparts below it.

A close-up of the towers of St.-Ours and the Indre Valley beyond.


  1. Walt, Although we've visited the donjon on two occasions, we've never ventured up the stairs. The first time we were running late for an appointment and the second the stairs were too slippery after some heavy rainfall the night before.
    Thanks to your pictures I finally know what the view from up there is like!

  2. We have never been inside the donjon at all - usually we are distracted by the market stalls or a good lunch. Must go up to the top next time as the views are obviously stunning.

    Great photos !

  3. How clever of whoever to place the staircase there. I looked and looked, but didn't see any women in the top picture.

  4. I enjoy these photos. It is a virtual tour for me.

  5. martine, if you're able and the weather is good, it's worth the climb.

    jean, you just have to plan it so you can do both!

    starman, I don't think I understand...

    michael, cool! And thanks!

  6. starman, I think I understand now. The women are in the photo in the previous post, one is on the ramparts looking down, and the other is on the ground looking up. You may have to enlarge the photo to see them clearly.


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