Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Periodic Puppy Pics

This is more pic than puppy. But here is Callie on her birthday, which was Monday. We had walked out to the end of the dirt road through the vineyards via a little detour through the woods. The sun was just rising. Callie was looking out for deer and rabbits.

You can see the pruned clippings lined up between the rows of vines.

In this picture, I'm facing roughly northeast and the intersection of the dirt road and the paved road is just behind me. It won't be long before the tractors are out pulling mulching machines that will grind up the vine clippings. They're probably waiting for some dry weather.


  1. WCS - this picture looks rather spring-like. Maybe warmer weather is on the way.

  2. Just think, Callie and I share nearly the same birthday. Only she's younger and cuter.

  3. Is it very noisy when the farmers are mulching?

  4. diogenes, I sure hope so!

    alewis, even in dog years she's younger! But she'll catch up real fast.

    starman, yes, we can hear the mulching but it's only really loud when they're in the vineyard next to the house, and it doesn't last very long.


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