Saturday, August 12, 2006

I Hear You Knocking...

...but you can't come in.

This is one of the many, many (many) critters that we share our house with. Fortunately, this one's on the outside. For now.

We frequently get bees that fly in through an open window then can't find their way back out without assistance from one of us. Then there are the moths. On warm summer evenings the moths fly right in. Once a light is turned on, of course, they flock in, but even without the lights they're there. All shapes, all sizes. They're harmless, but they look like spots or smudges on the walls. Sometimes they die and need to be swept up. We won't even talk about the spiders.

There are lots of lizards, too, but they don't venture inside. They hang out on the walls outside.

Once in a while a bird will fly in. That is an event. They can see through the living room to a window in the guest room and, I guess, just think it's a place they can fly to. But once inside they become confused. We run around directing them out through the door hoping we don't find bird poop on any of the furniture after. So far, so good.

One evening a bat flew in. I got it cornered in the bedroom, shut the door and opened the window. It just kept flying around in circles over the bed. I had to use a t-shirt to basically "bat" it out through the window. No one was hurt.

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