Monday, October 20, 2008

Au Compost !

A few days ago I mentioned that I was working in the compost pile; composting yard waste and kitchen scraps is yet another aspect of our country life. And what good is mucking around in the muck without photographic evidence of same? Well, there are no photos of me in there, but I do have some of the actual composting bin.

The compost bin in 2004.

I built this "bin" back in 2004 with a bunch of cinder blocks that were lying around not earning their keep. It's out behind the garden shed and not visible from elsewhere in the yard. I was so happy with it that I built another right next to it so we could have two. Now, four years later, those cinder blocks have a nice patina of green moss on them.

The compost bin in 2008.

I didn't empty the compost pile last year because we had made the mistake of putting some stuff in that was too big to compost quickly. This year, I dug the compost out of the left-side bin by removing the top layer of stuff that wasn't ready, then digging down into the good stuff. It was a little over a foot deep, and full of roots that I had to break through. I put about eight wheelbarrows full into the vegetable garden. It'll sit over winter and next spring it'll get tilled in.

I then put in a good layer of fallen apples into the empty bin and covered them with some of the the top layer that I had removed earlier. I didn't work on the right-side bin yet. That stuff is very big and will likely be burned over the next few weeks. The good compost in the bottom will then go onto the garden as well.


  1. I LOVE our compost bins. They gave a better gift than compost this spring too. When I spread the compost in my vegetable garden, I got lots of volunteer tomatoes and zinnias. I kept 6 of the many tomato volunteers, and got 6 different varieties. Hope we can pull that trick off again next year. The zinnias worked out well too. I felt very frugal.

  2. chris, that's cool! We got tomato volunteers that way one year, too. Of course, we get more weedy things than not. Oh well, it's part of the process!

  3. Just out of curiosity, is the French for compost compôte, or is that a faux ami?

  4. autolycus, I think it's "compost." Compote is what you eat on bread. :)

  5. compote, yum.
    my father always had a carefully constructed compost heap and it always has seemed to me the real mark of home.

  6. pj, and it feels good to be composting rather than sending all that good stuff away in a garbage truck to be burned or dumped in a landfill.


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