Monday, October 27, 2008


I think that's what bumper cars are called in French. In Britain, they're known as dodgems. These were on the Place Wilson in Saint-Aignan, ready and waiting for the rides to open.

Bumper cars peeking out from under their cover.

The occasion was la fête de la Saint-Simon this past Saturday. The upper-most place in town, normally a parking lot, was filled with carnival rides. The main street was closed and lined with market stalls where everything from sneakers to sausages was for sale.

Some medieval remnants in Saint-Aignan.

If the second photo looks familiar, it's because Ken posted his version of it on Sunday. We both stopped to take the same photo on our way from the car to the festival. As he said, though, we didn't stay very long.


  1. At first I thought your autos tamponneuses were shoes! ;) Great idea for a pic!
    I like the Callie slideshow in the sidebar!

  2. Great cropping on the bumper car shot, Walt. I love the colors.

  3. The bumper car shot is awesome!

  4. claude, merci! And Callie says hello!

    ginny, yes, the colors were great.

    evol, thanks!


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