Friday, October 24, 2008

Before They're Gone...

As I mentioned earlier in the week, the vineyards around our house are showing brilliant color right now. It's mostly yellow and gold, with swaths of crimson here and there.

Les feuilles d'automne.

As fall progresses, the leaves turn brown and drop. And later, when we're moving into winter and the new wine is all made and put away, the growers will begin the pruning process. They spend the entire winter out there clipping the vines down to a single cane by hand.

Some growers burn the clippings, others gather them in between the rows and then mulch them. The bare vines are beautiful in their own way, but I'm getting ahead of things. Let's continue to enjoy the color while we can!


  1. The hedges look great, by the way.

    I remember that Damart ad from way back then!

    Tomorrow, we're going to a "Harvest Moon" party at a friend's house who lives out in the country. They have a beautiful yard, too, and a beautiful "country" style house. There will be a big bonfire in the back, a tractor hayride or two, a fire in the fireplace inside, and copious amounts of food brought by all of the guests.... surely several pumpkin pies, some varieties of cornbread, a big ham, and lots of other goodies. There may be a little banjo pickin' and fiddlin' even ;) It's a good time, and it will be a crisp Autumn day. I bet there will be a pair or two of long johns in the crowd!


  2. About a 20 min drive from my home is the yarra valley - known for its wine.
    Everything up there is the opposite - no autumn leaves but lots of green leaves for summer is on its way but as you know - so little rain here.
    Enjoy your autumn colour . Its going to be 30c today. How is your temps?

  3. judy, thanks! I'm still plugging away. That festival sounds like great fun!

    lady jicky, I've had wine from the Yarra Valley, back in my California days! Glad you're enjoying spring; our temperatures are falling steadily. It was below 2C yesterday morning.


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