Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photo Du Jour : Foggy Sunrise

Fall and early winter can be very foggy around here. I think it must be the clash of temperature between the air and the river, because much of the time it's the river valley that's fogged in, while those of us up on the heights are in the clear.

The sun rises over the foggy Cher river valley.

That was the case a few days ago. I was up in the vineyard, walking the dog, and when I looked east I could see the sun coming up over the fog bank.

But the fog will often blanket the entire region, closing us into a cold, wet, and gray cocoon. On those days the fog doesn't move. It just hangs around us, condensing and dripping from everything. All sound is muffled and when we're outdoors it feels downright eerie.


  1. Its really beautiful! Do you have a view of the Cher from your house?

  2. How ironic that you've moved from foggy San Francisco to the foggy Cher River Valley.

  3. rachael, no, we can't see the river from the house. But we can hear trains go by on the other side!

    susan, yes, but fortunately the fog is not nearly as frequent or as windy as in SF!


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