Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Photo Du Jour : Grapes

The grape harvest is over and the vineyards are quiet again. We're watching as the leaves turn brilliant shades of yellow and red. It won't be long before a good storm comes and blows most of them onto the ground, leaving the vines brown and bare.

Morning dew forms on unharvested grapes.

There are some parts of the vineyard that have been abandoned. I don't know why. Maybe the owners have died and whoever inherited the land is not a grower and has yet to dispose of it. But there are grapes out there that will not be harvested.

I guess they'll become food for some of the wildlife this fall.


  1. Beautiful photo, Walt!

    Hey, you mean Palin didn't buy her new clothes at Walmart in Wasila??


  2. bettyann, thanks! They have a Walmart in Wasilla?

  3. gorgeous pic. i do hope the animals will eat them. they look too luscious to waste.

  4. pj, thanks. They do look tasty, don't they? :)

  5. Just love the photo! Keep them coming!


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