Friday, October 31, 2008

October Snow

We don't get much snow here in Saint-Aignan, so when we do, it's kind of fun. Of course, we're not out driving in it. The most snow we've had in the five years we've lived here was about five inches that lasted a few days on the ground. Mostly, the snow doesn't stick. If it does, it melts within a few hours.

This is a brief video of Thursday's snow event. It's taken from the bedroom window, looking pretty much westerly. There was actually some accumulation to the west of us, making for ugly traffic conditions. We heard all about it on the news.

Of course, Thursday morning, when it started to snow, Ken and I immediately declared it a snow day and did not go to school.

Today, Friday, it's much warmer outside - over 6ºC - even though it's not yet 7:30 am as I type this. But there is a bit of rain out there. It's my turn to walk Callie, so I'll be out there in it. She doesn't mind light rain, but if it pours, she wants to go inside. Good dog!

Today one or both of us will be heading out to Super U for some light shopping. This is a holiday weekend in France; November 1 is la Toussaint, or All Saints Day. Kids have been on vacation all week (I know, that information totally renders my snow day joke pointless) and the stores might be a mess today. Oh well.

Happy Halloween to all. Boo.


  1. Oh poo... thanks for reminding me. Looks like I will not be putting off my grocery shopping until tomorrow since everything will be closed. Then tonight is going to be a mess! Hmmm maybe I can make it all weekend without stopping... actually I think I just need eggs so I will go to the small shop in town and save myself the trouble...

    ... and I am sure you feel better now that I ran through my decisions in my comment ;-)

  2. We already got a couple inches of snow. Fortunately the temp is on the rise!

  3. Walt

    Looks like you had the same weather than we had here in Montreal. Just some flurries on Tuesday night and wednesday morning - just in time for the winter tires :-)

  4. Them's BIG snowflakes, Walt! Thanks.


  5. I have never been in the snow ! Its on my "must do before I die" list. LOL Honest!

  6. Looks gret. We never get snow in Sydney.

  7. justin, I am so relieved.

    rachael, did you enjoy it, or was it mostly a pain in the butt?

    beaver, same for now, but your weather in Montréal will get a lot worse than ours will in the coming weeks.

    lady jicky, absolutely!

    victor, snow in the city can be a real mess, so you're probably better off. ;)

  8. bettyann, yes, and they got even bigger!

  9. We had quite the snowstorm on Thursday too -- I didn't know it was a nationwide incident. There were actually road closures in the morning in some of the "upper reaches" of Aveyron. Quite a surprise.


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