Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A cart without a horse

This old horse cart has been stored in this hangar down below our house ever since we've lived here. I don't know who it belongs to or if it's ever used. There was a second one along side for a while, but it disappeared a couple of years ago. There were also some barrels and other things in the shed that were cleaned out.

An old horse cart sits in a modern shed.

Ken posted a picture of the way it used to look on his blog earlier this week. I took this picture just a few days ago. Callie and I walk by this shed just about every other day this time of year.


  1. Do me a favor and check the shed again in case the horse is still there.

  2. I like the blue-grey of the wall against the cart. :)

  3. Not sure which is worse - a cart without a horse or a horse with no name - god bless America.

  4. The shaft on the left side is broken off and that small part hanging down might be what is called a singletree in English. In the Dordogne, we sometimes see carts like this used as decoration in a garden. I think they used to be very commonly used on farms. This one is especially nice looking.
    Dennis Martin

  5. What a sweet, sad looking cart. It needs a horse!

  6. Not about horses or carts. I discovered a website with a blog you might like since you are the breadmaker of the family:
    The current post is about making yeast from raisins!
    For your Parisian readers, they sell breads, soups, etc.

  7. Thought I might see comments about the fixing of your weed wackier;), but your following is classier than that!
    I bet it was fun to hitch up the horse and ride this wagon into town once upon a time.

  8. Walt, you may have addressed this before, but do you and Ken speak French at home, or do you stick to English?


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