Saturday, March 03, 2012

More frosty fotos

We're not having any morning frost right now, but I've still got some frosty photos from a couple of weeks ago to share. Here's one of the vineyard stakes, pulled up and discarded on the ground, frosted over.

These old vineyard stakes will likely be collected and used as firewood.

You can see the ice crystals on the log; they look like little white hairs. Most amazing. Thankfully, it's warmer than this right now. We've got mostly fog and drizzle. But one of these days the sun will come back out and warm us up even more.


  1. Thought your Newsiness today was to buy snails, garlic, butter and some entrails.

    1. For some reason my mind put the 'R' in there too!
      They eat a lot of entrails in France... andouillette, gesier, tripe... and I am sure there are some I haven't found yet... but you can get jellied pigs' trotters on the market... now who said all French food was complex?


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