Monday, March 19, 2012

Want to see my buns?

Hot dog buns. What were you thinking? Ken had a yen for hot dogs and we decided to make home-made buns for them. So our Sunday lunch menu was hot dogs, French fries, and green salad. It was amazingly good.

Sunday's lunch: hot dogs on home-made buns with French fries. Yum.

Ken found a bun recipe on the web and I gave it a try. I needed to add more flour as the dough I got by following the recipe was a bit too wet. I also had to let the buns rise longer than the recipe said. I wasn't surprised at that because I'm familiar with bread dough and knew that twenty minutes wasn't long enough. My dough rose for an hour and a half.

The buns after they'd risen, ready to go into the oven.

The buns baked up beautifully. When they came out of the oven I covered them with a towel to let them cool slowly. That helped to make them soft and without a hard exterior crust. They were absolutely delicious. Perfect to hold our hot dogs. The difference between the buns and French bread is that the buns are made with milk and eggs which, I assume, makes them soft, almost cake-like.

The finished hot-dog buns, fresh from the oven.

Ken made some pickle relish and we ate our dogs with that and some Dijon mustard. We also had ketchup and mayonnaise on the table. Another wonderful lunch success.


  1. You could set up a stall at the end of your road and make a small fortune selling those !!

  2. Now THAT'S what a call a HOT-DOG! And the fries look yummmy and crispy. What kind of potatos you use. I think Idahos are the best!


  3. Don't you love your Silpat?

  4. Jean


    The best thing would be on market days :-)

  5. Woe is me! Hamburgers and fries... ubiquitous in Calif. Great hot dogs and fries... not so much. I'm jealous!

  6. What about the onions? I was with you up to missing the chopped onions!

    Great Buns! I wouldn't expect anything less :-)

    Mary in Oregon

  7. tim, thank you sir.

    jean, that sounds an awful lot like work...

    jon, those are frozen fries from the supermarket. I know, but they are good and they are just potatoes with a little sunflower oil. No other additives or preservatives.

    carolyn, yes, silpat is the best stuff!

    t.b., again, too much work for me!

    judy, and delicious! I'm going to use the same recipe to make burger buns soon, with sesame seeds on top!

    cheryl, the next time you visit...

    mary, there are shallots in the relish, does that count? :)

  8. They look very professional. Did you measure your sausages first to get the size for the rolls?

  9. Hot dogs?! I would not have suspected this in France!

  10. Delayed reaction... could you share the recipe, or the website where you got it? They look great. When the painting and kitchen installation are done, I'll start cooking again. And hotdogs, with nice soft buns will be great. The kind of hamburger and hotdog buns they sell ready made here are more like "brioches", sweet and they crumble before you can get the food to your mouth. Baguette is fine for hotdogs, and I frequently use English muffins.


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