Friday, March 09, 2012

Chilly mornings, mild days

Winter peeked back at us on its way out this week. At least, we hope it's on its way out. We had a few frosty mornings, but the daytime temperatures have been mild. Not warm; we're still building the daily fire. Just not cold.

The frosted leaves of a wild blackberry vine.

I took the camera out to try to get some more shots of the frost. Most of my pictures don't come out well because I'm not using the tripod in low-light conditions. And I'm not taking the time to to make manual photos (which might help). I'm just doing quick point-and-shoot photography because it's cold and I'm walking with the dog.

Still, a few of the photos work well enough to share.


  1. For me the sight of a germinated seed
    popping up through the soil is always
    very exciting, a little miracle.

    Those leaves look sugar-coated. Great

  2. Wow, what a shot! That is amazing.

    I'm excited to see things that I did NOT plant sprouting up over here! :) This is our first spring actually living in our new house (we owned it last year, but were still renovating). Last year at this time, the front garden was so full of overgrown junk and weeds and leftovers and leaves, but, now I've got it cleaned up and put mulch down... and I didn't really realize that I had MANY clumps of daffodills! And they're all up and in bloom! :) I have other things sprouting... I think it's tulips, and I've got hyacinths popping their heads up, too.

    I think I'm going to try a tomato bed this year :)

  3. Lettuce sprouts in March? Vive la main verte!

  4. sheila, and then harvesting is the best part!

    judy, I remember discovering similar things when we moved in here. Fun!

    dean, they're indoors and under plastic domes, but still. Yay!

    melisa, obrigado!


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