Friday, March 23, 2012

Just loafin' around

I made a loaf of bread for sandwiches on Wednesday using that recipe for hot dog buns that I made last week. It worked great. Not that we can't get sandwich bread; the supermarkets all sell a lot of it and the bakeries will slice their larger loaves whenever you ask (they have these great machines that saw each loaf into perfect, uniform slices).

My loaf of sandwich bread, cooling on a rack.

We used this loaf for tuna salad sandwiches served with french fries and some broccoli. The leftover bread was great for toast on Thursday. I won't be making a lot of bread, since we normally eat French bread with our meals, but it's nice to have an easy recipe to make sandwich slices once in a while. And as we know, it's perfect for hot dog or hamburger buns.

Here's what it looks like inside. Watch out, Wonder Bread!

Which reminds me, I should be dusting off the bbq grill soon so we can make some hamburgers!


  1. Nice lookin' loaf that... good texture. Difficult to get anything this shape down here... bakery in Abilly does a Carré Moulé which we get if we are passing... really nice texture. But the GP boulangerie makes religious bread... very holy... you can't spread anything on it... good flavour, nice with cheese or paté... makes a great filled sandwich if you use one of the various 'baguette'-alikes... especially with the ham from the butcher... but slice it for toast... NAH!!

    So I make ours, too!

  2. Nothing can replace Wonder Bread! In fact, I think I still have some in me from 1979. It tends to stick with you.

  3. It looks delish. Any chance of the recipe? Nick bakes our bread and I'm sure he would like to have a go at this.....if I mention it !!

  4. Jean, here's a link to the bread recipe Walt used. He made a half-recipe each time, once for the hot dog buns and once for the loaf.

  5. Of course, here in Wilmington, NC, I can buy sandwich bread anytime. However, I like a loaf made with oatmeal and whole wheat so make my own. To get nice even slices I use an electric meat slicer we picked up very in expensively about 15 years ago. I can adjust the thickness as I choose.

  6. I so much like bread; proper bread (no rubbish). It remains the basic and most wonderful of foodstuffs.

  7. tim, I know how it is when the bread is too holey. That's one of the reasons we buy pain de mie in the supermarket for sandwiches. But the home-made stuff is better!

    mark, lol! Did you spread fluff on it?

    jean, ken linked to the recipe.

    icechip, oatmeal and whole wheat sound good. I should give that a try!

    michael, we are lucky to live in a place with so much good bread around.


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