Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring has sprung

We are at now past the point of the astronomical vernal equinox. Of course, true to form, this morning's temperature is very close to zero and there are frosty patches outdoors. But they won't last long. The sun will be spending close to twelve hours with us today.

No wild turkeys here, just the occasional pheasant, hawk, or crow.

This is one of those photos that doesn't do reality justice. Those gossamer web-like strands you see are wires strung across the tops of the vineyard posts. They act as supports for the grape vines as they grow. In the right light, at the right time of day, they can look like webs glinting in the sun.

We watched the weirdest show on television last night. It was about a guy in Florida who hatched a clutch of abandoned wild turkey eggs and raised the chicks as if he were their mother. He spent every waking minute with the chicks as they grew over their first year, clucking with them (he claimed that he learned the variations in their vocalizations and that they were actually communicating), running with them in the woods, and at one point he even ate a grasshopper with them. It was very strange.

Spending time with turkeys. Well, looking back on some of the jobs I've had, maybe it's not so strange a concept after all.


  1. I posted PBS "Nature" show on Facebook about the wild turkeys. I was watching TV while eating breakfast and couldn't stop watching; I found that show fascinating.
    I bet you are very happy with the arrival of spring and looking forward to summer and its long hours of daylight. I know I am.

  2. Hey, spending time with turkeys is basically what I do! And a baby turkey is actually called a poult, not a chick (chick is reserved for baby chickens). ;)

  3. I watched that PBS special...My Life As a turkey.....wow what dedication he had. I learned so much about turkeys....probably more than I'll ever need.

    Wish spring would come to our area....we do not live in the part of the USA that is experiencing summer like temps.

    Victoria, Bellingham, WA

    1. Yes, Victoria, no spring-like weather for us on the west coast - yet.

      Our weather forecasters keep calling for "winter-mix" - meaning we can expect anything - hail,slush,posssible snow flurries and of course, rain.

      Here spring, spring, spring. Won't you come out and play?

      Mary in Oregon

  4. When they had grown, did he eat his babies?

  5. I am around a lot of turkeys too.


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