Friday, May 04, 2018

A glimpse

On my first afternoon, after checking into the hotel and getting settled, I went for a walk across town toward the Marais neighborhood where I knew I wanted to eat dinner. On the way was this glimpse of the Sacré Cœur church up in Montmartre. I've seen and photographed this view before, but what the heck. This time there's scaffolding and and a construction crane to make it interesting.

A more or less typical Parisian street scene.

I'm looking up the rue Laffitte from the Boulevard des Italiens. The columned church you see at street level (below the white domes of Sacré Cœur) is called Notre Dame de Lorette.


  1. I love the contrasts of eras and all the angles (and tilts) in this photo.

  2. Toto, we're not in Saint-Aignan anymore!

  3. Sacre Coeur looks so near in this photo, but I know it's way up the hill.

  4. mitch, it is a little busy...

    judy, nope!

    linda, thank you!

    evelyn, you're right. The photo makes it look a lot closer than it is.


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