Thursday, May 17, 2018

All roads lead to Rome

At least they do in this neighborhood. The subway stop is called Rome, and I'm standing on the rue de Rome looking across the railroad tracks that lead to the Saint-Lazare station. The opposite street is the rue Boursault, and the street that crosses the tracks is the Boulevard des Batignolles.

The edge of the Batignolles neighborhood on a quiet Saturday morning.

My Saturday morning walk took me across that bridge and into the Batignolles neighborhood that borders on the tracks. It's a very residential neighborhood and quite fashionable these days, from what I understand. I took this photo at around 9:00 am and things were quiet and peaceful. I noticed neighborhood grocers opening up their stores and a few cafés with a customer or two, but most places were still closed. Vendors were busy setting up their market stalls in the median of the boulevard, but I didn't see that until I walked back around.


  1. I like that all roads lead to Rome but the railroad tracks don't. Your recent shots of Paris give such a wonderful sense of the life of the city.

  2. I'm so glad you had these days in Paris. You stayed near the beaten track this time lol.

  3. mitch, there's so much to see and explore, and that's just in the city. The region is filled with great stuff, too. I wish I had the time and means to explore more of it!

    evelyn, LOL! :)


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