Wednesday, May 02, 2018

A Paris weekend: our cast of characters

My very good friend L was in Paris this past weekend. She's on a tour (operated by "Road Scholar") with two of her friends, J and P, who are also her neighbors in upstate New York. Their group had three nights in Paris before heading out to Normandy on Monday morning, so I met them on Friday for the weekend. They had some planned activities with their tour group and some time on their own.

L, J, and P, at the Café M on the corner of the rue Maubeuge and the rue du Faubourg Montmartre.

In the first photo are the three ladies, L, J, and P, on our first night at a café near their hotel on the right bank. I met them after their orientation meeting and dinner and we went out for a late drink. I had arrived earlier in the afternoon and took a long walk from my hotel toward a favorite pizza place in the Marais neighborhood where I had dinner. More about all that later.

Left to right: me, J, L, and P (who is wonderfully in focus) at dinner on our last night in Paris.

The second photo is the four of us on our last night. We went to a another favorite restaurant of mine in the Latin Quarter called Le Petit Prince de Paris (The Little Prince of Paris). A couple sitting next to us were from Sydney, Australia, and one of them offered to take a photo of us with my camera. Unfortunately, he had a little trouble with the focus, as you can see, but you get the idea.


  1. Great photos! Even the "artistically" blurred one.

  2. Meeting friends in Paris is always a good idea!
    I live in Florida, have a dear friend in Ohio and the only time we see each other is nearly every year in Paris. It works for us!

  3. Nice photos! I think Lewis and I ate at le Petit Prince with Ken once- we enjoyed it.

  4. mitch, I may have left the aperture open a little too wide...

    judy, we had a good time.

    bettyann, cool!

    evelyn, I've always enjoyed it, and this past weekend was no exception.

  5. a nice looking group of friends enjoying themselves!


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