Monday, May 21, 2018


Mea culpa. I misidentified one of my own photos on Saturday. Those two "quiet cafés" were actually a few blocks from where I said I was. They're across the street from the Mairie du 17eme on the rue des Batignolles. Today's photo really is from the Place du Docteur-Félix-Lobligeois, across from the western side of the Sainte-Marie-des-Batignolles church.

I think the place is called "Fuxia."

This cantina was not open yet. I found out on the internet that it's one of a chain of Italian restaurants called "Fuxia." This one opens at noon -- it's a lunch/dinner place. But there were people inside cleaning and setting up, and I can see a mop and bucket propped up against the wall next to the entrance. Given the way the chairs are stacked, I'd guess that someone was getting ready to mop down the terrasse.


  1. Oh, no. Now I have to remap everything in my head! How will I ever get the city memorized?

  2. These everyday sort of photos are making me long to be in France. The windows upstairs from the cantina and the green door are beautiful.

  3. There is a great market street up in the 17th— an open-air market, not couvert, but I don’t remember what street it’s on. I read about it, and visited it back in 2003... it was great. I see that there is a marché bio, but it was a regular marché.

  4. Judy, I bet you’re thinking of the market on rue de Levis. I agree, it’s a great market street. We will be in the area in a couple of months and I’m sure we will shop there for our dinner.

  5. Evelyn, I'm admiring the green awnings. How restful to sit under one on a sunny day.
    Love the stocked chairs. They look as if they're doing some synchronized dance step, known but to Parisians.


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