Friday, May 11, 2018

Au ras du fleuve

Tired of river photos yet? I hope not, because I got more. I like this one because it not only includes views of the two islands, but also glimpses of the right and left banks. The Seine is called un fleuve because it empties directly into the sea. It's affluents (tributaries) are called rivières.

I like how the water looks in this shot. Looking upstream, the Right Bank is on the left.

The greenish tower in the background is the Tour Zamansky on the Jussieu campus of the University of Paris. Just in front of it is the green steel span of the Pont Saint-Louis, the only bridge that directly connects the two islands. It's a pedestrian and bike bridge these days.


  1. If only the Seine ran north south, I would never get my right bank and left bank confused.

  2. How could anyone get tired of YOUR river photos. Brilliance!

  3. All that lovely water ...
    Now I'm intrigued by the connection, if any, between English affluent and French affluents.

  4. andrew, it's all about the direction of the flow. ;)

    mitch, and you're only looking with one eye! ')

    judy, :)

    bettyann, not to worry...

    emm, a good dictionary exercise!


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