Monday, May 28, 2018

Le Pont de Bir-Hakeim

This is truly a multi-modal bridge. It carries pedestrians, cyclists, cars, and subway trains on its two levels. It connects both banks of the Seine to the Ile aux Cygnes, a narrow artificial island in the river, now a park and open to pedestrians. The bridge was named for a World War Two battle in Lybia. If you've seen the movie "Inception" with Leonardo diCaprio, this bridge figured in one of the Paris scenes with him and Marion Cotillard.

Pedestrian access to the bridge from the Right Bank.

I walked across the bridge toward the Left Bank and the Bir-Hakeim métro stop that many visitors use to get to the nearby Eiffel Tower. Along the way, I was surprised at how many young couples where posing for wedding pictures for professional photographers. Most of the couples were Asian and I could tell that a good number of the photographers were American. I guess the Eiffel Tower makes for a romantic background.


  1. What a beautiful city for pedestrians.

  2. Yes, it is truly a beautiful city. I was at this bridge a couple of years ago. I always thought that was a different type of name for the bridge, and thanks to you now I know!

  3. Oh, thanks for telling us where the name Bir-Hakeim came from. I've been wondering.
    Cool photo :)

  4. mitch, it's a great place to walk, for sure! Even in the rain...

    michael, I learn a lot from doing the research on my photos. Then I forget most of it!

    judy, thanks!


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