Monday, July 24, 2006


Last week we were invited to our friend Harriet's house for a mid-day barbecue. Alfred (Harriet's husband) fired up his new grill and laid on brochettes (kabobs) of duck, chicken, and pork. We contributed some squash from our garden, and Harriet added roasted peppers and some salads to the mix.

Brochettes and squash on the grill.

Left to right: Harriet, our current houseguest Charles-Henry, Alfred, and Ken.

It was hot, but not unpleasant in the shade of the tree out front. Sunday's high only reached 27,9ºC, far from the 33,4ºC we had when these pictures were taken.

Alfred was kind enough to take a picture with my camera so I could be in it! Here it is:

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  1. How great to see the pictures of everyone. CHM looks just the same, perhaps a little more regal with the Van Dyke beard. Ken and Walt, you look terrific, and your friends look like very nice folk. Looking forward to seeing you. Regards. Gabby


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