Friday, July 07, 2006

Le Mont Saint Michel

Part Two : Interiors

Inside the abbey there is a very large church, an intimate cloister, chapels, dining rooms and many other places to explore. Not to mention the amazing views from the windows and terraces all around. We followed the signs that led us up and down, inside and out, and all around the abbey. There were many closed doors where we were not allowed to go - there are obviously a lot of places to explore.

Arches in the cloister.

A stained glass window in the dining hall.

Columns in a vault under the main church.

I can't resist the curves and patterns of vaulted ceilings.

A lucky horseshoe nailed up on a lintel.

Yet another pointed arch.


  1. Nice pictures! I've never been to MSM but heard about the new project on the news.

  2. Thanks! The MSM is definitely worth visiting, but be prepared for crowds ;)


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