Saturday, July 22, 2006

Papillon À Tavant

On our day trip to Saumur, we stopped in a small village called Tavant to see its church. The building was closed, but we enjoyed the little garden out in front.

Many different insects bustled about the flowers, including several of these swallowtail butterflies. In the next few posts I will show some photos of Saumur and the church at Cunault, a little down river from there.

We had another storm last night (Friday). It was nowhere near as violent as the one on Wednesday, but it lasted several hours and the lightning was spectacular. As it came in, we turned off and unplugged computers and the new modem (learned a lesson, there), and sat out on the deck to watch the storm go by. It's nice to go to sleep to the rhythm of rain and low rumbling thunder.

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