Monday, July 31, 2006

Bleu Blanc Rouge

The final day of July 2006 goes out with a patriotic tricolore of sorts. This was taken back in May at the Château de Chenonceau.

It's hard to believe that July is over. And so is the canicule, at least in our region. I understand it's still very hot down by the Mediterranean. I wore a sweatshirt on my walk this morning - our low temperature was 15,5ºC (not quite 60ºF). The sun is out and it should be warming up to the low 20s today (low to mid 70s).

Now that our houseguests are gone, and none are scheduled for the next few months, we have work to do; namely cleaning of all kinds (including cleaning out the garage), yard work, trips to the dump, wood-cutting in preparation for fall and winter, hedge-trimming in September, not to mention tending the garden and prepping food for freezing. Ken was right about retirement: it's 24/7. Better get busy...

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