Sunday, July 16, 2006

Salade De Gésiers

On Friday, we had salads for lunch. We had purchased a container of gésiers (chicken gizzards) at the market and wanted to have them in a salad along with lardons, tomatoes and hard-cooked eggs. This is a typical French salad that we've enjoyed in many a café and restaurant. Here's the result:

It was good, except that the gizzards were a bit tough. Ken thinks they need to be confits rather than just sautés. Next time!

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  1. ken's right!
    i'm doing gesiers de canard for a kitchen meme at the moment, see here:
    and all the recipes i found so far ask for gesiers confits.
    so we're not going to eat them before at least tomorrow.
    (oh well, the blogentry is in german of course...)


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