Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Harvest Is Coming In

We're now at that point in the summer when there is something coming out of the garden every day:

Yesterday we ate a tomato/mozzerella/basil salad at lunch time. I spent the morning cutting up zuchhini and yellow squash, blanching it and freezing it for meals this winter. Today I'm planning on picking apples and making a big batch of applesauce for the freezer.

We're going to try to eat cucumbers (see photo above) in salad with smoked salmon. And we're going to have to start making eggplant dishes - moussaka, gratins, caviar, etc.

Close-up of a yellow tomato.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! What time is lunch?

  2. Thanks! We're planning an eggplant/basil/tofu stir fry today, with eggrolls we made and froze last winter. C'mon over! ;)


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