Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Kitchen Collection [11]

The juicer. No, not the plug-in kind, not the attachment to your Kitchen Aid. The good old-fashioned glass juicer. We have two that we found in second-hand stores and they both get used a lot.

We have a third that is a wooden hand-held juicer. The late Jeff Smith, aka the Frugal Gourmet, called it a lemon reamer. Rather graphic but accurate. When he used one on his show back in the 80s, we decided it would be handy and ran out and got one. Its only drawback is that the pits go right into the dish you're juicing over.

The glass models have a built-in bowl to catch the juice, then you can pour it through a strainer. I've see glass juicers on French cooking shows that actually have little spikes around the base of the "hump" that trap the seeds when the juice flows into the bowl. Chouette !


  1. Our lemon trees are laden, so we're making lots of lemonade and other lemony things these days. We have a juicer attachment that sits on top of our old Oster Kitchen Center (mixer long broken, but blender and other attachments going strong!). It has a nice strainer that keeps the seeds and big hunks of pulp out of the juice. You still need to use muscle to keep the fruit pressed down firmly, but it saves a lot of energy when you're juicing 20 lemons at a time.

  2. It is quite a clever instrument, isn't it?

  3. Ginny, I think I agree with you, there are times when the electric appliance comes in very handy...


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